Google Play welcomes refunds within two hours of purchase

Google Play welcomes refunds within two hours of purchaseBuyer’s remorse. It’s affected us all at some point, and in space year 2014AD, you can experience the phenomenon from the comfort of the toilet seat by buying and instantly playing with a terrible new app.

In a slightly surprising move, Google Play now offers full refunds, so long as you tap the virtual Refund button within two hours of purchase.

From what we can gather, there aren’t any prerequisites; if you want your money back, you’re pretty much entitled to it.

The only condition – in addition to the two-hour thing – is that you can only request a refund once per item.

To grab your Google Play refund, simply open the Google Play Store app, tap My Apps (where you’ll see all the apps you’ve installed/bought), tap the app in question, and select Refund.

If the two-hour refund window has expired, the Refund button will be replaced with plain old Uninstall. If you’re still thoroughly unsatisfied with the app at that stage, Google recommends contacting the developer directly.

And that’s that. Great news if you’ve been swithering about buying that ultra-expensive new game. Now, you can effectively try before you buy. Nice.

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