Google Play’s ‘Designed for tablets’ section goes live

Google Play’s ‘Designed for tablets’ section goes liveAndroid tablets combined pipped the iPad in revenue in Q3 (according to Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty), but the App Store frankly humiliates Google Play when it comes to tablet-optimised apps.

In an attempt to redress the balance, the latest incentive from Mountain View sees tablet apps getting preferential treatment on Google Play, and it’s live right now. Good.

In a nutshell, Android tablet users will now see the “Designed for tablets” section by default on Google Play. Previously, it was necessary for tablet users to manually navigate to said section.

Conversely, developers who can’t be bothered making tablet-optimised variants of their apps will have their wares branded with a shameful “Designed for phones” mark.

To be fair to Google, it’s doing pretty much everything it can to help developers tailor their apps for tablets.

In yesterday’s Google+ post, no less than six links are provided after the declaration that “Designed for tablets” is live, including “Designing for tablets? We’re here to help!” alongside the good old “Tablet Quality Checklist”.

"Every day thousands of Android developers are taking advantage of the tremendous Android tablet opportunity," yells Google. "The flood of new users coupled with the increased screen size means new user experiences, more engagement, and more monetization opportunities for your app."

Google doesn’t say how many tablet-optimised apps are available on Google Play at present, but here’s hoping this latest incentive has the desired effect. We’re sure they’ll tell us all about it soon enough if that’s the case.

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SpeedyG  Nov. 22, 2013 at 12:15

Google can try all it can, but media perception will always see as Apple as cooler and better and Android is the nerd's playground to sell ads.


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