Google publishes ‘Switch to Android’: how to switch from iOS to Android

Google publishes ‘Switch to Android’: how to switch from iOS to AndroidThinking about making the leap from iOS to Android but can’t be bothered working out the small details, with the music and the photos and the contacts?

Well, Google wants to make the switch as simple as possible, you lazy bugger, with a spanking new guide called ‘Switch to Android’.

The guide appears on ye olde internet, under – quite logically – Good URL that.

Google will kindly hold your hand as you “Transfer photos stored on your iPhone or iPad” to Google+ Photos, “Keep all your contacts” from iCloud, and “Set up your email and messaging”.

A genuinely helpful hint reminds those who are jumping ship to turn off iMessage. See, if you don’t turn it off, your iOS-rockin’ contacts will still try to send iMessages by default, which means – ultimately – you won’t get those messages.

Tucked away at the bottom, Google will also help you “Find all your apps and discover new ones”, though obviously any paid apps will have to be bought again; there’s no getting around that unfortunately.

Of course, not to be outdone, Apple has its own little guide, explaining how to Move content from your Android phone to iPhone.

Too kind, guys. Too kind.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 22, 2014 at 18:46

That's it? Transfer your photos to G+???? So, the 40GB of pics and videos currently on my iPhone I just upload to G+? Because we all have high speed data all the time?
Makes Android look like an idiotic OS when they make it look as if that is the only way?!!
What about syncing via PC/Mac? Why offer such a page when you do it in a half-assed way?

But no, it's not actually 'half-assed', is it? They also want you to upload all your music? Hahahaha Yes. Great guide that. Long Live Google's Cloud... poooof....

kitechker  Oct. 23, 2014 at 10:42

40gb would take a long time. Best option for me would be to use an OTG cable and transfer to a USB drive. That's if your phone does not support microsd cards


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