Google to throw $500 million marketing budget at Moto X?

Google to throw 0 million marketing budget at Moto X?We’re really not sure what to expect from the Moto X, with some sources suggesting it’ll be nothing short of The Best Thing Ever, while others reckon it’ll be… fine.

Sort of giving credence to the former notion, we’re told that Google is throwing a whopping $500 million marketing budget at the Moto X. Cripes.

That’s the story according to The Wall Street Journal, with “people familiar with the matter” saying the budget could in fact extend “upward of $500 million”.

Interestingly, that’ll supposedly encompass the US and overseas markets “including Europe”. Yesterday we were blabbering on about the possibility of a Nexus 4-style budget Motorola phone for Europeans – instead of the Moto X.

As such, all four US networks are said to be behind the Moto X. They’ve also been wooed by the lack of bloatware, and the fact that the Moto X can be customised in terms of colours.

As for Moto X price, it’ll be “comparable to its competitors” including the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, so expect to pay around £500 for the Moto X at launch.

In addition to the Moto X, the existence of which has been confirmed by Motorola, a further four Moto smartphones are being rumoured, including – as we saw earlier in the week – the Droid Ultra Maxx.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 11, 2013 at 16:29

That's what? 50 cent for every Galaxy owner? :p

krogothnx  Jul. 12, 2013 at 09:51

regarding the reported humdrum specs that have popped up of the MotoX, i can see one of two things being true:

1 - the specs that have already appeared are simply old specs due to the lifespan of this project, and the actual specs are better
2 - Since this /is/ technically a google venture, maybe the specs are true, because this isn't a high-end phone - it's a race to the bottom. Elgoog have done it with the Nexus 4 but it wasn't available on the US big 4 - this could be the answer to that; a nexus4-alike with LTE with a $0 upfront cost on every carrier. Now that could be popular.


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