Google unhappy about Samsung’s Tizen-fuelled wearables?

Google unhappy about Samsung’s Tizen-fuelled wearables?I was saying the other day that Tizen was – at one time – tipped to come between Google and Samsung, with the world’s top mobile manufacturer potentially forsaking the world’s top mobile OS, Android, in favour of what essentially amounts to its own software.

It doesn’t look like that’ll happen any time soon with smartphones (the first Tizen phone appears to have been delayed indefinitely), but it’s a different story in wearables. Oh, the drama!

According to Business Insider (which in turn credits The Information), Google CEO Larry Page and Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Lee had a rather “tense conversation” last week, which may or may not have resulted – we’re just speculating here – in Page giving Lee a Stone Cold Stunner.

The bone of contention is Samsung’s continued investment in Tizen-based wearables, when what it should be doing is embracing Google’s own Android Wear. How dare you, Samsung!

See, while Sasmsung recently unveiled the Gear Live, it may have been little more than a token Android Wear-flavoured gesture. At Mobile World Congress this year, Samsung unveiled three Tizen wearables (the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit; don’t say “Galaxy”), and the older Galaxy Gear was updated to run big T, too.

It’s worth noting too that Samsung recently rebranded its own app store, which – in a sense – further distances the South Koreans from Google. Having said that, the pair has entered into a 10-year “global patent cross-license agreement”, so I guess it’ll just be one of those reluctantly co-dependent relationships.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 18, 2014 at 11:22

I thought 'differentiation' was a good thing?


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