Google+ update welcomes iPad and iPod touch users

Google+ update welcomes iPad and iPod touch usersThe Google+ app for iOS has been updated to version, introducing a number of fairly smallish changes, and – more excitingly – support for iPad and iPod touch users.

Actually, I guess that’s only really “exciting” if you have an iPad or an iPod touch, and use Google+. I’m sure there must be one or two of you out there.

Sharvil Nanavati, Tech Lead for Google+ Mobile, explains the changes in an accompanying YouTube video (shared on his Google+ account too, natch).

As recently introduced to the Android version of the app, you can now choose to view specific Circles in your steam, and set who has the ability to start Huddles with you.

Other changes include the ability to start a Huddle with someone directly from their profile, and the option to hide one-to-one conversations to clean up your convo-list.

It’s still early days for Google+, but I’m struggling to understand why anyone would want to abandon their Facebook account and start again from scratch. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

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