Google VP: 'Two Turkeys do not make an Eagle'

Google VP: 'Two Turkeys do not make an Eagle'Talk about cryptic. And quite a little bit cruel. Google's vice-pres of engineering Vic Gundotra sent a brief tweet saying revealing that “Two Turkeys do not make an Eagle”, a clear reference to rumours that Nokia and Microsoft are looking to work together on future mobile handsets.

How do we know? Because the tweet carried the tag #feb11, the date of Nokia's all-important Capital Markets Day get-together, where Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says a big announcement will be made.

Google certainly won't be making any new friends at either Nokia or Microsoft with such a dismissive statement, though it should be noted that it was the self-same Gundotra that was said to be more than a little responsible for the breakdown in relations between Google and Apple a couple of years ago.

It does, however, put voice to an opinion held widely in the mobile industry, that both Nokia and Microsoft have enough question marks hanging over them that looking for salvation in each other might be a big mistake.

However, it runs even deeper than that. Gundotra's biologically questionable tweet was posted within quote marks, indicating the odd statement wasn't of his own making.

And sure enough, back in 2005 the self-same remark was made about a merger between the mobile arms of Siemens and BenQ. And it was made by Nokia executive vice-pres Anssi Vanjoki, who resigned from the company on Elop's appointment late last year.

Talk about rubbing it in – six years is a long time to hold on to a grudge. Still, it's worth asking yourself one question: how much market share does the combined Siemens/BenQ mobile empire currently have?

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 10, 2011 at 11:11 there has to be something in the Geneva convention that would prevent the use of an ex-Microsofter as Nokia boss? Very disturbing.
My interest in this matter is just about exhausted.

The googler has a point though.


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