Google-Motorola deal will only be sealed in 2012

Google-Motorola deal will only be sealed in 2012Google's move to lay down $12bn-odd to buy out Motorola back in August was big news, and it didn't take us long to start speculating about what the move would mean for Motorola, for Android, and for pretty much everyone else too.

But the EU has stopped the whole process in its tracks by refusing to green-light the buyout until it receives more info on how the deal is structured.

We've taken the acquisition as pretty much a done deal for a while now, but technically Google doesn't actually own Motorola at all yet. The two companies have in fact only agreed a deal in principle, and the whole thing will only be official on the other side of a huge amount of bureaucratic paper-shuffling and legal back and forth.

And it might be a while yet before that happens, with European Commission spokesperson Amelia Torres announcing that the review of the deal was suspended on December 6 and will only continue once it has “certain documents that are essential to its evaluation of the transaction”.

But while Google is no doubt frustrated that the matter will now be drawn out into the new year, spokesperson Al Verney says the information request is “routine”.

“We’re confident the Commission will conclude that this acquisition is good for competition and we’ll be working closely and cooperatively with them as they continue their review,” Verney said in one of those 'well-he-would-say-that' moments.

So no Googorola just yet, folks...

Via Bloomberg

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