Google’s Android app icons to adopt flatter design?

Google’s Android app icons to adopt flatter design?Prior to release, iOS 7 caused a fair bit of controversy with its “flat” design, with icons largely doing away with fancy things like lighting and shading in favour of, y’know, just being dead plain and that.

There are suggestions that Google’s Android apps are about to go the same way, adopting what’s referred to internally as Google’s “Moonshine” approach.

We’re looking at Android Police, which credits “a source familiar with the designs”, and while the Policemen themselves were initially cautious, a further hunk of evidence gives credence to the original story.

Ultimately we’re shown 15 new icons for Play Music, Play Books, Play Movies, Google+, Play Games, Photos, Calendar, People, Play Store, Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Hangouts and Camera. Phew!

Before we go pointing fingers at Jony Ive and iOS 7, the goal here appears to be bringing Google’s Android icons more in line with its web offerings.

For example, the current Gmail web icon shows a simple envelope with an 'M' on it, while the Android icon has a letter with an 'M' on it protruding from an open envelope.

The icons were originally debuted in smartphone screenshot format, while a later screenshot of a Google Partners webpage confirms at least three of the 15 new designs.

It’s not clear when these new icons will roll out, or in what capacity, but you better get used to ‘em, chap.

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krogothnx  Apr. 15, 2014 at 13:06

looks like (from the hangouts one at least) they're going for the long-shadow design that popped up a bit last year.

Wonder how crazy they'd look combined with parallax.


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