Google’s Android Silver program reportedly grinds to a halt

Google’s Android Silver program reportedly grinds to a haltTeam Mountain View has lots of programs on the go at the moment, including Android One, which aims to get entirely decent handsets with full software support into the hands of those who – previously – could only afford feature phones. Like.

Slightly less compelling, and significantly more confusing, the Android Silver program was supposed to combine elements of Nexus, Google Play Edition and flagship phones. I say “was supposed to”; it’s supposedly been canned.

Jessica Lessin, who originally gave us a… lesson (see what I did there?) in Android Silver via The Information, now says the whole thing has been kyboshed – or at least put on hold for now.

While a whopping $1 billion was supposedly invested in the program, the loss of Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora in July has seemingly put a downer on the whole thing. Er, that’s “loss” as in “departure”; he’s still with us – just not with Google.

Arora was tasked with keeping mobile networks and hardware manufacturers happy, convincing them that Android Silver was the way forward.

But even then, the reaction to Android Silver has supposedly been mixed, and for our money, it never made much sense to begin with. One of the goals was to cut down on bloat, but without manufacturer customisations all you have is same-old hardware with stock Android. Start enforcing “consistency”, and what makes a Samsung handset different from an LG?

So, looks like the Nexus program can breathe a sigh of relief for now, while Google – and its partners – try to make sense of Android Silver. That’s assuming there’s any sense to be made.

via: The Verge

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