Google's doom could be just around the corner – Schmidt

Google's doom could be just around the corner – SchmidtWho'd want to be Google right now, eh? Clearly it's all going wrong for the once-mighty search giant, what with the failure of... and the public disaster that was... er, well...

OK, we'll drop the pretty poor attempt at sarcasm – aside from Apple there's probably few tech companies in better shape than the Big G. But that isn't stopping Google CEO from talking like the company is just one bad decision away from oblivion.

Schmidt is currently sharing his wisdom with the chaps over at the US Senate as part of an antitrust case against the Google search engine (remember – it's what Google was doing before deciding it would take on... well, pretty much everything else?).

Here are some choice nuggets from the man in charge of the search engine practically nobody on the planet could imagine not existing:

“Consumers have a truly vast array of options – some search and some not – from which to access information.” Yes, it is an awful world we live in, isn't it Eric?

“Some commentators have speculated [these rivals] could overtake Google as early as 2012.” Once again, welcome to that thing called 'business'.

“All of these options for obtaining information can be accessed without ever using Google.” Er, we're back to that awful world remark again.

“Google’s success despite strong competition is based on its persistent focus on satisfying consumers –- getting them to the answers they want quickly and accurately. Keeping up requires constant investment and innovation, and if Google fails in this effort users can and will switch.” … and there's some more Business 101 from our man Eric.

“The cost of going elsewhere is zero, and users can and do use other sources to find the information they want.” Wait, isn't that exactly how Google Search became so strong itself in the first place? What's the problem, then?

Now obviously we know the comments were made in the context of a wider discussion, which we'll not enter into here. But really, it does sound like Mr Schmidt doth protest just a little much, no?

Oh, yeah. We remembered something pretty awful from Google. Remember Buzz?

Quotes via AllThingsD

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9El9Nino9  Sep. 22, 2011 at 10:51

forgetting google wave? and google+

Andy247  Sep. 22, 2011 at 11:59

Google, in a search engine capacity, will continue to succeed not because of it's proposition, but because of it's name, it's found it's way into popular culture and is used in the same way as Hoover and Tannoy. CEO's have to make speeches like this, but there is not going to be a day anytime soon that people start ditching Google for an alternate provider.


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