Five more great endless runners

Five more great endless runnersAround 10 months ago I penned Run for your life! Five great smartphone runners, and looking back, I’d assembled a pretty decent list - if I say so myself.

Since there’s certainly no shortage of endless runners on the App Store and Google Play, I admittedly tend to sigh when anything new appears, but as we’ve seen this year, there’s life in the old genre yet.

As per Mobo-tradition, these chaps are presented in no particular order. And if there’s anything I’ve missed (bear in mind I’ve had to whittle these down to five), gimme a shout below.

Five more great endless runnersTemple Run 2

No list of endless runners would be complete without mention of the Temple Run series. The aforementioned feature included the original, and here I’m throwing in Temple Run 2.

Ultimately, Temple Run 2 is more of the same, slightly refined, with better graphics and a spanking new mine cart section. As the saying goes: If it ain’t broke, add some mine carts.

I said: Temple Run 2 is more of the same but better. If you loved Temple Run, go check out the sequel. If you didn’t, don’t.

Price: free @ App Store and Google Play

Five more great endless runnersRobot Unicorn Attack 2

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a relentless assault on the senses, with vibrant colours, stars, fairies, giants, seahorses and giant seahorses among other things. It’s completely mental.

Of course, that shouldn’t come as much surprise, being an [adult swim] title, them being the guys behind the likes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken.

I said: With a neat 24-hour level design thingy and a whole heap of extras, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 more than justifies its existence in the already-packed endless runner arena.

Price: free @ App Store and Google Play

Five more great endless runnersSonic Dash

Ah, Sonic Dash. I’ve spent countless hours playing Sega’s endless runner this year, and at one point dedicated my life (slight exaggeration) to unlocking Tails and Knuckles without spending a penny. Yes, I’m an idiot.

Like Temple Run, Sonic Dash plays out from behind our protagonist, and there are all sorts of familiar Sonic sound effects and locations and baddies and what have you.

Sonic Dash has been available on the App Store for several months, and we’re told it’ll arrive on Google Play soonish.

I said: Sonic Dash is a seriously good-looking endless runner. Not hugely original, but what is these days?

Price: free @ App Store

Five more great endless runnersTime Surfer

Time Surfer is the only endless runner on our list to carry an entry fee, at 69p on both the App Store and Google Play, but it’s well worth each and every one of your 69 pennies.

It’s notable for its eye-melting visuals, and also for including a neat power that allows you to rewind time, hence “Time Surfer”. There’s tons of stuff going on in terms of upgrades too.

I said: Far from being another run-of-the-mill side-scrolling runner type thing, Time Surfer shows that there’s life in the old dog yet. Buy.

Price: 69p @ App Store and Google Play

Five more great endless runnersPAC-MAN DASH!

Don’t forget to turn on caps lock when talking about PAC-MAN DASH! Indeed, the content is just as in-your-face as the name – in a good way.

Like the other side-scrolling runners above, PAC-MAN DASH! puts the emphasis on over-the-top action, with super-bright visuals, tons of Pac-men to invest in, and muchos craziness.

I said: Considering how many endless runners there are out there, PAC-MAN DASH! feels surprisingly fresh. It’s fast, bright, and completely silly. And heck, it’s free. Go play it.

Price: free @ App Store and Google Play

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