Another great HTC idea: let’s make three Amazon smartphones

Another great HTC idea: let’s make three Amazon smartphonesNot content with recording its first-ever quarterly loss and chalking up two straight years of dwindling revenue, Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, clearly keen to nosedive into the ground, has another winner of an idea.

We’re told that HTC is working with Amazon to release not one, not two, but three different Amazon smartphones.

That’s the story on The Financial Times with credit going to anonymous “people familiar with the project”.

One source says that one of the three HTC Amazon smartphones is at “an advanced stage of development”, though another warns that the cyber-retailer has a habit of changing schedules, or – worse still – might decide not to release the phone at all.

We’ve questioned the logic behind an Amazon smartphone before. The Amazon Kindle Fire at least makes sense; the device is sold super-cheap with the unspoken agreement that the user will spend a fortune on content. But a smartphone? In an industry utterly dominated by Apple and Samsung?

And lord knows how HTC fits into the equation. It’s like a step back to the days when it made stuff for other people. Mind you, things are pretty freakin' bad.

For what it’s worth, HTC declined to comment on Amazon specifically, but marketing guy Ben Ho says: “We have been very focused on building our own brand, but we have also been very open to co-branding and collaborating with carriers and other technology brands."

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Stelph  Oct. 16, 2013 at 13:38

An Amazon smartphone really depends on how well the app store is doing in making money for Amazon, and to a lesser extent how many films/videos people are buying to playback on their mobile phones.

It does make more sense to do this on a Kindle Fire but you dont always have your tablet, especially when travelling light, so there may be some interest from consumers there.

TJ Skywasher  Oct. 16, 2013 at 14:06

To be honest I don't think there's any money in content, at least for the retailers selling it. Apple has always operated the iTunes/App Store at just above break even, admittedly they did make $2 billion last time I checked from selling their own software, but for selling others content it's not a money making business. The industry standard seems to be a 70% cut for the content creator and 30% for the retailer, but out of that 30% has to come credit card fees, hosting fees and other expenses. Apple generally makes 1% or 2% profit on anything it sells, such as music or apps and I would imagine it's the same for everyone else. I just don't see the sell hardware at a loss and try and make money on content model as a viable business. I'd be very surprised if the likes of Amazon and Google have made any money out of it.

JanSt / MOD  Oct. 16, 2013 at 15:41

So, HTC back to making stuff for others?!
Amazon is not a company I would trust with my privacy - or that of my contacts stored on my phone.
But heck, if Android tabs numbers 5634 and 5635 are sold by Tesco and Argos, then why not
an Amazon phone? If true, it might just save HTC's a*s! Apparently people buy the superfluous Fires ;)


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