GTA: Chinatown Wars arrives for Android (currently £1.99), updated on iOS

GTA: Chinatown Wars arrives for Android (currently £1.99), updated on iOSOriginally developed for the Nintendo DS back in 2009, Grand Theft Auto (GTA): Chinatown Wars has been around for several years on iOS. In fact, in 2010, it officially became the first GTA game to arrive on the App Store.

Fast-forward four years and GTA: Chinatown Wars is finally available on Google Play, while the App Store version - not to be left out - has received a juicy update.

Google Play finally welcomed GTA: Chinatown Wars last week, and while it initially asked for £2.99, it’s currently on sale for £1.99. Nice!

Meanwhile, over on the App Store, the GTA: Chinatown Wars 4.1 update brings Retina Display support, compatibility with MiFi controllers, and new “highly customizable” touchscreen controls.

New iCustomers are advised to download GTA: Chinatown Wars here (for £2.99), as the old “HD” version will soon be retired. However, don’t worry if you’ve already bought Chinatown Wars; it’ll still appear in your purchase history and is “identical to our new universal version”. Confused? Us too.

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