Guardian Cross v2.0 iOS review

Guardian Cross v2.0 iOS reviewYou might remember last month, I penned Guardian Cross: to delete, or not to delete? Ultimately, having weighed up the pros and cons, I sentenced the Square Enix card collecting game to death, but fortunately I, eh, didn’t quite get around to binning it.

As such, I was able to install the Almighty Update, ushering in Guardian Cross version 2.0. Yeah, you’re right; I’ve been sucked back in. Gah.

Diving straight into new features, there’s a fairly massive Comeback Campaign, with players who haven’t logged in since May 24 2013 receiving 10 special hunting tickets and 20 recovery potions. Excellent.

For faithful Guardian Cross players, there’s incentive to get your friends involved again in the form of three special hunting tickets for each person you pull back in.

Arguably lame social stuff aside (not that I’m turning my nose up at free special hunting tickets), there’s tons of other new Guardian Cross content.

The meat of Guardian Cross is – or was – in hunting Guardians, fighting other players in the Coliseum, and playing through quests.

There’s now a fourth wheel in the form of Sidequests, which you can browse through in the Guardian Cross tavern (very much like Final Fantasy Tactics). They fall into two different categories, namely hunts and dungeon crawls.

Guardian Cross v2.0 iOS review

In hunts, you might be tasked with collecting three of a particular Guardian (the quest description helpfully specifies which type of silhouette to look out for), or catching 10+ Guardians in one go.

It’s a neat little touch, bringing some much-needed spice to hunting, but be prepared to burn through tickets real quick. For example, I was tasked with catching three Skeletons, and while I caught two in two hunts, it wasn’t until way after 10 hunts that I caught my third. It’s pretty random.

Still, the rewards are decent, including four-star Gold Slimes, and big sacks full of Guardian Points.

As for the dungeon sidequests, they’re arguably the biggest new feature in Guardian Cross v2.0, taking on an all-new first-person perspective. Occasionally, you have to choose left or right; if you hit a dead end, you go back to the previous junction.

That mightn’t sound too brutal, but each move consumes five precious battle points. On the plus side, you might be lucky enough to stumble across the compass, which tells you whether to go left or right at each junction. Good stuff.

Other new features in Guardian Cross v2.0 include a night mode for hunts in Berneside Plains, 37 new Guardians, four new Guardian abilities, display support for the iPhone 5, and – brilliantly – two new pieces of background music.

If you’ve never played Guardian Cross before, there’s never been a better time to start (make sure you use my friend code XN52589 <wink>). If you lost interest, there’s definitely enough new content to warrant another look.

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