Guns on Wheels iPhone review

Guns on Wheels iPhone reviewUh oh. Guns on Wheels combines two of my most-hated things in mobile gaming, namely accelerometer-based controls and a mandatory auto-fire.

Not exactly the best introduction, a bit like meeting someone for the first time and punching them in the privates, but could Guns on Wheels win me over?

Guns on Wheels is a vertical(ish) shooter of sorts, in which you drive along a six-lane highway blowing up enemy cars with an array of weapons and occasionally taking on bosses.

You’d expect some sort of explanation from the Story mode, and sure enough a comic book-style intro shows our protagonist at (presumably) his wife’s grave. He’s none too happy, so obviously the only thing to do is explode cars. Makes sense to me.

The App Store doesn’t shed much light either, simply explaining: “YOU'VE been WRONGED... NOW it's TIME for REVENGE.” Ah well, who are we to argue?

So, those accelerometer controls aren’t too bad. You can zoom up and down the screen, but – if you’re anything like me – you’ll find yourself hogging the back line 99% of the time. As such, I would’ve much preferred on-screen left and right controls.

The auto-fire is a bit of a pain, but amusingly the accompanying sound effect clashes with the soundtrack, as they’re at very slightly different tempos. The resulting cacophony is quite glorious.

There’s a selection of power-ups to aid in your quest for vehicular revenge, such as the shield, and a letter “P” that temporarily increases your rate of fire. There’s also a Mario Kart-style invincibility thing, which doubles as a boost, so you can take out enemies simply by bumping into them.

Weapon wise, there’s the standard shooter, a laser, and some spinny metal discs for collision-induced damage. My favourite, however, is the homing missile, particularly useful against the bosses.

Speaking of bosses, they’re pretty freakin’ tough, and it’s a tad annoying having to play the level again in its entirety if you find yourself having to Retry. They look pretty meaty though.

There’s also a Survival mode, in which you collect money in order to upgrade your car. Meh. Not particularly exciting.

I’m feeling slightly guilty, in that I picked up Guns on Wheels for free recently. It’s now going for £1.49. Eek. The developer hopes you’ll fork out an additional 69p for the vehicle pack and/or Guns on Wheels currency.


  • Array of weapons and power-ups
  • Sexy big bosses


  • It’s £1.49!
  • Meh, a bit samey

Summary: Guns on Wheels is a decent shooter. I would’ve heartily recommended it when it was free, but £1.49 is probably a little steep.

Developer: Triniti Interactive

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: £1.49 @ App Store

Guns on Wheels iPhone review

Guns on Wheels iPhone review

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emmajk42 / MOD  Aug. 23, 2011 at 20:58

Yeah I'd agree, I'd have tried it for free but definitely not paying the £1.49.


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