Guy makes Windows Phone 7 tablet

Guy makes Windows Phone 7 tabletHands up if you secretly fancy a Windows Phone 7-rockin' tablet? Anyone? No one? Don’t be shy.

Well, one particular chap clearly has been craving a Windows Phone 7 tablet, and since Microsoft isn’t playing ball, he’s gone out and made one himself. Well, sort of.

While reviewing MIMO’s new MagicTouch USB monitor, it clicked with Windows Phone developer, Social Ebola, that both the monitor and the Windows Phone 7 emulator support multitouch. So why not combine both?

MIMO’s MagicTouch USB monitor connects, as you might expect, to your computer via USB, and essentially acts as a second screen. Social Ebolo cranks up the Windows Phone 7 emulator on his laptop, then drag-and-drops it onto the MagicTouch. Job done.

Obviously the functionality is incredibly limited, but it gives us a glimpse into an intriguing parallel universe.

Hit up Social Ebola’s Word Press for a video demonstration. Bonus points for including not one but two “That’s what she said!” jokes.

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