Happy Cube Death Arena iOS review

Happy Cube Death Arena iOS review

And so to Happy Cube Death Arena by Tiny Titan Studios (free @ App Store, free @ Google Play). Love the name. Love the titular cube’s happy wee face juxtaposed with the murky environment. Love the idea of super-hard quick-fix gaming.

But does Happy Cube Death Arena deliver, or is it a case of giving a book slightly too much credit based solely on its cover? Answer on a virtual postcard below.

So, Happy Cube Death Arena; what’s the deal? Essentially you’re controlling a little cube, and you’re tasked with tapping the screen to jump from a fixed position as an assortment of traps rolls through the arena, including spikes, concrete rollers and laser beams.

A single tap jumps, a subsequent tap invokes a second jump, while a third tap – if you’re still in the air – brings you back down to the ground.

There’s a combo meter in the top right that fills as you leap consecutive traps, and intermittently you’ll win extra lives, each of those effectively allowing you to shrug off one otherwise-fatal hit.

And, eh, that’s pretty much all there is to Happy Cube Death Arena. It’s just you against the traps, and indeed against the rest of the world on ye olde leaderboards. Pros and Cons after the screenshot.

Happy Cube Death Arena iOS review

Things to like about Happy Cube Death Arena; well, while I struggled with it at first, it actually really grew on me, and it’s incredibly moreish. I set a personal target of 50, but that quickly became 100, then 500…

Happy Cube Death Arena has also been given a shot in the arm with the introduction of 20+ unlockable outfits, each with its own target (get X points, achieve Y combos, die Z times).

There’s also the spanking new Happy Cube Death Arena Gold for 69p, a welcome version that removes the annoying ads, and throws in an exclusive gold costume.

On the poop side, the whole thing feels a bit random. It’s largely a case of luck over skill, as there are times when losing a life seems unavoidable. And for me, achieving a score of over 500 felt more like a result of perseverance than of mastering the gameplay.

There’s not a whole lot going on either. Specifically, there’s just the one game mode, and it might be nice to have some power-ups or something, just to mix it up (invincibility, hover, slow time…).

But that aside, Happy Cube Death Arena is actually pretty good. Hated it at first, now I kinda quite like it. Not amazing, but worth a look if you’re searching for something to kill a short commute.


  • Great name
  • 20+ costumes
  • Free with no IAPs, but…


  • …the ads are quite annoying
  • Ultimately quite random; luck over skill
  • Can we have some more game modes and/or power-ups?

Summary: Happy Death Cube Arena tasks you with, eh, jumping over traps, and that’s about it. The recent update gives the game a much-needed dose of replay value, and while it mightn’t win Game of the Year, it’s a fun distraction for a short while at least.

Developer: Tiny Titan Studios

Price: free @ App Store, 69p @ App Store (no ads)

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Happy Cube Death Arena iOS review

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