What we hate most: people who talk too loudly

What we hate most: people who talk too loudlyHere's a nice little game to get the blood flowing on a Saturday morning: what's your number one mobile pet peeve – the one habit you just can't handle in others (cos it'd never be something you do yourself, of course...)?

Turns out for most people it's talking louder than is necessary. A full two thirds of those canvassed in a recent survey identified loud-talking on the phone as the biggest mobile crime you can commit. Presumably it's the other third who're actually doing it.

Intel's survey spoke to 12,000 people in total around the globe, says The Telegraph, and 67% of European respondents said talking too loudly in public spaces was their biggest annoyance when it comes to mobile etiquette.

When it came to identifying their own flaws, predictably the survey respondents mysteriously missed the fact that a hell of a lot of them are apparently prattling away on their phones oblivious to the eye-rolls and “tut-tuts” of those around them.

Instead, a full 40% bravely admitted typing on their phones in public as their greatest faux pas.

It strikes us that there's a significant gap between what we think others are doing and the bad habits we're aware of in ourselves. The solution seems obvious: to simply tell someone to shut up when they're talking on the phone too loudly.

Then we can confidently look forward to the next survey revealing that other people being rude when they're just trying to have a quiet chat with a mate is the new number one pet hate.

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Constantine  Jul. 9, 2011 at 20:42

Texting whilst speaking face to face oO

JanSt / MOD  Jul. 10, 2011 at 10:09

Thing is, those people are propably 'too loud' without a phone, too.
Number ONE for me: using phone while driving. It risks lives. That beats slight annoyance, really.

@ constantine, yeah - people who text while talking to you should have their fingers superglued!!!

I hate people in queues who, when it's their turn, decide to make/take a call. Holding up the cashier with a gun is possibly acceptable depending on circumstances, holding up the cashier AND the queue for a debate about what's for dinner?
It calls for a citizens' arrest.


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