Heavy Mach 2 iPad review

Heavy Mach 2 iPad reviewEver since mankind created the first robots, us gamers have been obsessed with the idea of strapping massive guns to them, hopping in the cockpit and stomping all over armies of hapless goons. It's what we do. It's the dream. Heavy Mach 2 is another Mech game that appears to be a twinstick shooter at first glance, but upon closer inspection, manages to deliver a completely unique control system that utilises the iPad's multi touch screen to advantage.

Plus, yeah, it's got massive stompy robots.

As a veteran soldier in a beleagured army poised at the brink of defeat, you'll need to sally forth from a series of bases to battle enormous hordes of enemy tanks.

Luckily you've brought a massive mech (or Heavy Mach, in this case) to the party, and can upgrade it with a bewildering arsenal of guns, launchers, missiles, armour and miscellaneous body parts. A selection of missions range from seeking and destroying to collecting parts for salvage and sale.

Whilst the action takes place in real time, you don't have direct control of your Mach. Instead, you can assign waypoints for it to walk towards by tapping or dragging along the terrain - and can tap on enemies for it to engage as it plods along. It's intuitive, fun and a real breath of fresh air amidst the glut of twin-stick shooters on the App Store.

Heavy Mach 2 iPad review

As well as the action, Heavy Mach 2 revolves around its RPG elements. Completing missions and salvaging destroyed enemies rewards players with experience and cash to spend on a massive selection of guns and parts. Taking pride in updating your mech is a key part of the experience - and it's as rewarding as it is addictive.

With most apps, the only major problem with Heavy Mach 2 comes down to repetition and grind. It's perfect for killing between five minutes to an hour of time - at a time - but the samey objectives and incredibly slow walking speed of the mech soon conspire to sap your patience after about half an hour of continued play. Be sure to take frequent breaks, after all, it's possible to have too much of a good thing!


  • Enjoyable action with loads of content
  • Refreshing tactical controls
  • Deep upgrade system


  • Repetitive (due to the fact that it sticks to what it's good it)

The Short Version: Heavy Mach 2 is the thinking man's mech game that's heavy on action yet easy on the thumbs. Highly recommended.

Developer: IndieApps

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

Price: £0.59 - App Store

Heavy Mach 2 iPad review

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