What the heck is Asus’ ‘next incredible thing’?

What the heck is Asus’ ‘next incredible thing’?Martin “News Editor” James has kindly offered to cover the LG G3 launch tonight, and as such he leaves me with this. THIS.

Essentially we have an incredibly vague, 23-second video on YouTube, from Asus, promising “the next incredible thing”. How am I going to fill the rest of this article? No bloody idea.

Ok, let’s dissect this “next incredible thing” video piece by piece (as if I have any other choice).

For starters, we have what appears to be a male hand removing a sheet of presumably A4 paper from an envelope. A logical conclusion at this stage might be that we’re looking at an A4-sized tablet.

But before we go thinking that Asus has reinvented the wheel (or more accurately: the touchscreen rectangle), let’s not forget Sony’s Digital Paper tablet.

Having said that, the Digital Paper has an e-ink display, and is specifically designed with offices in mind, so the unnamed Asus device could be the first consumer – or at least colour – tablet with an A4-sized display.

Incidentally, A4 paper’s diagonal measurement is 13.9in. Unless the internet is lying to me, which is entirely possible.

The gentleman in the video goes on to write “the next incredible thing” with a pen, which – in technology terms – almost certainly equates to a stylus, as found on the Samsung Galaxy Notes et al.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into it (having watched the video countless times in a bid to notice something), but the ‘g’ in “thing” vanishes at the end, leaving the word “thin”, so this tablet – if it is indeed a tablet – could well be, er, very thin.

In any case, we’ll meet “the next incredible thing” a week on Monday at Computex; that’s June 2 for calendar fans.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 27, 2014 at 16:54

Lets first answer what their last incredible thing was. You first!

TJ Skywasher  May. 27, 2014 at 17:46

Lets first answer what their last incredible thing was. You first!

Exactly, I was trying to think of at least one thing they've actually made, not too clued up on Asus. All I can think of is that Padfone or Fonepad whatever it is, but I wouldn't say that was incredible lol


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