Heins could be $55.6m richer if he's booted from the BlackBerry throne

Heins could be .6m richer if he's booted from the BlackBerry throneIt's no surprise that “third ecosystem” rivals Nokia and BlackBerry have been compared a lot over the past couple of years.

After all, both used to be mobile superpowers, and both chose to replace established leadership with new blood – Stephen Elop and Thorsten Heins, respectively.

But while Elop has been widely criticised by the Nokia faithful for deciding to shack up with Microsoft and Windows Phone, it's interesting that Heins hasn't had the same level of criticism.

Yet even if it does, don't expect his Corporate Eurogrin to fade: being forced out of the BlackBerry hotseat could be worth anything from $22m to $55.6m to the German.

As revealed by a recent BlackBerry proxy filing, Heins will rake in $55.6m in salary, incentives and equity awards should BlackBerry be sold to a private owner (as has been rumoured recently), and Heins is forced out.

That would be the best-case scenario financially for the German should his tenure by forcefully ended. Less lucrative would be if the current shareholder arrangement decide he's not getting the job done – then he'll be paid “just” $22m.

Despite what could be seen by some as an incentive to fail, most quarters seem to agree that Heins has actually done a pretty good job since replacing the Lazaridis/Balsillie double-act as CEO of then-RIM (now BlackBerry).

He's held up admirably despite being under some fairly serious pressure since day one, and has presided over a long period where a succession of tough decisions needed taking, and yet he still seems to have retained the affections of most of the BlackBerry faithful.

That may be something to do with having bet on the company being able to solve its own problems rather than choosing to partner with someone else like the Elop-led Nokia has chosen to do. At this point neither company's future is looking massively secure, but there's no doubt which of the two is more loved.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 19, 2013 at 12:15

Oh, has he been under pressure? Here I thought as the CEO he'd be the one to dispense pressure?

It's difficult to compare Blackberry and Nokia (size of portfolio, range of products, OSs, installed user base etc), but I think it's quite obvious that Elop
did a much better job of steering the p*ss-float he threw off of the burning platform.
You can hate Elop and Microsoft all you want (I actually found a secret level of hatred behind the flower pot in the Despise Lobby), but BB10 and the Heinsian push for survival are in a totally separate league of fail. The phrase "on purpose" does offer itself up to be toyed with.


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