Hit Tennis 2 iPhone review

Hit Tennis 2 iPhone reviewI won’t lie to you; I’ve never played the first Hit Tennis, and as such had no idea what to expect from its sequel, the predictably-titled Hit Tennis 2.

Also, I’m somewhat of a tennis fan, and played both Super Tennis (SNES) and Virtua Tennis (Dreamcast) to death, so the chances of Hit Tennis 2 impressing were slim to none. Did it defy the odds?

Well, I wasn’t overly enamoured at first, truth be told. Hit Tennis 2 launched straight into the tutorial (bonus points from me for even having a tutorial, in any case), wherein you’re taught how to serve and return.

That’s pretty much where the tutorial ends, as all you do in Hit Tennis 2 is – yep – serve and return; all movement goes down automatically.

With the tutorial done and dusted (you simply swipe to swing the racket), I launched straight into my first proper match, against the aged Jack Filbert. He’s classed as Slow & Easy, while Aki Toyama is from the Club Circuit, and Michelle Quinn is a Pro.

Incidentally, those are the only three opponents available by default. If you like, you can fork out £1.49 for one of three player packs. Or, you can grab all three packs for the reduced price of £2.49. Alternatively, you can earn Tennis Bucks by downloading and running recommended apps.

Oh, I should also mention that the player packs remove the annoying ads that pop up after every game. There’s a painful period of several seconds before you’re allowed to skip. Ah well, they have to make money somehow.

Anyway, back to the game against Jack Filbert. It was far too easy. Thankfully each match lasts only one set, so it was over soon enough. I’m pretty sure I won 6-0. It’s fairly hard to drop points against old Jack.

I decided to jump to the opposite end of the scale and took on the Pro, Michelle Quinn. Despite losing 6-4, it was infinitely more enjoyable, and actually – dare I say? – bordering on fun.

EDIT: Yes, after several more games against the more advanced players, I can confirm that Hit Tennis 2 is a lot of fun. I had some genuinely exciting rallies.


  • Simple, easy-to-master controls
  • Occasionally exciting


  • All the freemium crap
  • Only three opponents by default
  • Can’t finish a tournament without buying/unlocking more content

Summary: The freemium stuff is a bit of a turn off, and perhaps more apparent than in other games, but at its core Hit Tennis 2 offers good tennis fun.

Developer: Focused Apps

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later.

Price: free (ahem) @ App Store

Hit Tennis 2 iPhone review

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