Home is the future of Facebook, but don’t expect it on iOS any time soon

Home is the future of Facebook, but don’t expect it on iOS any time soonFacebook Home for Android and the HTC First Facebook phone are now very much a reality, and two interesting streams of news are trickling through in the wake of yesterday’s launch extravaganza.

Firstly, Facebook sees Home as the future of the blue and white social network, while we really shouldn’t expect to see iOS Home, like, possibly ever.

Far from being some half-baked attempt at dipping a toe in Android waters, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO, describes Home as “the next version of Facebook”.

Indeed, Facebook’s seriousness about the whole mobile thing is evidenced in the spanking new desktop version, which is clearly more in line with the mobile apps. It’s actually surprisingly good.

And while some people (Jan) might roll their eyes at the whole Android/Facebook marriage, Zuckerberg yells: “People are spending a fifth of their time in phones on Facebook”.

Unsurprisingly, there were lots of questions about Facebook Home and iOS yesterday, but Apple’s smartphone OS is notoriously closed and what not.

Zuckerberg mused: “Of course, a lot of people also love iPhones—I love mine, and I would like to be able to deliver Facebook Home there as well”, however: “They [Apple] really control the operating system. Android is different because it’s a much more open platform.”

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 5, 2013 at 14:12

I'm not rolling my eyes, actually. I'm delighted. A) Home looks quite stylish and C) I'm not tempted by Android anymore, and I wouldn't use FB.

Make it an exclusive. Prevent future cross pollination. Perfect! :p


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