Honeycomb Intel tablets defo on the way

Honeycomb Intel tablets defo on the wayIntel’s president and chief executive, Paul Otellini, has confirmed that Honeycomb tablets with Intel inside are very much on the way soon. The world’s largest manufacturer of microchips hopes to make a dent in a market utterly dominated by ARM at present.

What about timescales, Paul? He says: "[We] expect to be able to ramp those [Honeycomb-based] machines over the course of this year for a number of customers.”

And how about Intel’s plan to infiltrate the smartphone market? A couple of years back, Otellini told investors that that was the plan, saying that’s "what we're aiming at. This is where we think the growth opportunity is for us."

Otellini confirms that that’s still the goal. He says: "I would be very disappointed if we didn't see Intel-based phones for sale 12 months from now.”

So there you have it. Intel tablets coming in 2011, and Intel smartphones in 2012. Huzzah.

via: The Register

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