Hong Kong ‘Apple employees’: Yeah, that was the iPhone 6, and it has a QHD display

Hong Kong ‘Apple employees’: Yeah, that was the iPhone 6, and it has a QHD displayLast week we got what appeared to be a pretty genuine peek at the much-discussed Apple iPhone 6, courtesy of Taiwanese singer, actor and professional race car driver, Jimmy “Dreamer” Lin. Who else?

For what it’s worth, voices out east - Hong Kong "Apple employees", we're told - are screaming that that was in fact the real deal, and furthermore throwing in the notion of a QHD display. What the…?

G for Games points its HTML-scented fingers at the brilliantly named SteveNotes.hk, where – somewhat ironically – the only words appearing in English are “Retina” and “2K Quad HD”.

We’ve been focusing so much on the sizes of the iPhone 6, that no one really stopped to question the resolution – beyond the obvious assumption that it’d be higher than the relatively paltry 640 x 1136 setup on the current iPhone 5s.

It’s not clear if the QHD iPhone 6 claims pertain to the 4.7in model, the 5.5in beast, or both. Indeed, things are very much up in the air as far as the iPhone 6 goes.

At one point the consensus was that the iPhone 6 would drop in both 4.7in and 5.5in guises, but most rumours of late have detailed the smaller guy, giving credence to the notion of the larger model following at a later date – or simply not existing at all.

Firing up the old DPI/PPI calculator, a 4.7in QHD iPhone 6 would yield a frankly astonishing 624PPI. Really?

Hmm, we can accept the notion of Lin holding a genuine prototype (he’s been ahead of the game before, where Apple is concerned), but this QHD iPhone 6 claim demands a fairly generous amount of salt, we reckon.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 17, 2014 at 17:18


Here, a leak: This is how an iOS 8 space will look like when you hit space => <= !!!

See the difference?


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