HP actively looking to sell webOS patents

HP actively looking to sell webOS patentsHP’s acquisition of Palm was nothing short of disastrous, with the subsequent Pre 3 and HP TouchPad - powered by Palm's webOS - ultimately exploding in a ball of utter incompetence back in 2011.

Newish CEO and former Republican primary Meg Whitman (who looks a lot like the old lady off Dragon’s Den) is reportedly keen to sell HP’s webOS patents, in order to generate a whack of cash.

It’s Bloomberg telling this particular tale, with credit going to – you guessed it – people “who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private”.

Supposedly, HP has removed “some restrictive conditions” that previously rendered the patents “unattractive” to potential buyers, but now they’re “more likely to fetch a higher price”.

You might recall a bizarre story from back in February, with South Korean manufacturer LG agreeing to some webOS licensing action, for use primarily in smart TVs.

According to one of the ‘berg’s sources, that licensing agreement doesn’t – or “would be unlikely to” – affect HP’s ability to sell its webOS patents.

Well, looks like the end of webOS as we knew and, er, loved it. HP clearly has no intentions of cultivating a third ecosystem, instead relying on Android and Windows Phone for its mobile stuff.

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