New HP Palm devices coming soon

New HP Palm devices coming soonAccording to a countdown on HP’s Palm events page, the “future of webOS” is scheduled to land at 12pm GMT next Tuesday.

Presumably this includes HP’s new PalmPad tablets - codenamed Topaz and Opal - which were recently leaked by an anonymous source. With screens of 9in and 7in respectively, and rumours of processing power above 1GHz, the tablets are expected to be unveiled officially at an HP event next week. However, we’re hoping there might be some smartphone action on the way too.

The aforementioned countdown features the slogan: “Think big. Think small. Think ahead. Think beyond,” which certainly ties in with the idea of different sized tablets, as well as being a fairly fleet-footed mouthful of over-the-top marketing-speak.

New hardware is guaranteed, but we’re also interested to see what HP has in store with webOS, the system that basically convinced it to pay top dollar for the ailing Palm brand in the first place.

A teaser trailer posted by Palm on YouTube (which can also be viewed within the events page we linked to earlier) features a whopping eight seconds of action. Needless to say it gives little away, but we’ll bring you all the juicy goss as it happens on Tuesday, and hopefully more than eight seconds' worth of it too.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 4, 2011 at 09:25

I am a closet Palm fan, so this sounds good. If they made the Pre useable on 2G I'd die a happy mobotnik. But maybe they even have something new...a bigger tougher screen, maybe? Bring webOs to the masses. High time, says I.


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