HP results make grim reading: what new for WebOS?

HP results make grim reading: what new for WebOS?Only a couple of weeks ago, we were telling you how much analysts reckon HP could make if it were to sell off webOS. Considering the fact that it cost HP $1.2bn to get hold of, yet  saw HP bleeding to the tune of $3.3bn over the past year, you wonder if they're wishing they had given it to the next highest bidder after all.

The Q4 results and full year financials are out - and they don't make fun reading for HP. Perhaps the only good news is that sales of the TouchPad gave the manufacturer a $200m revenue boost but the bittersweet irony of that is that it could have been much higher had HP not had to sell the pads off at ridiculously reduced prices, having discontinued it almost immediately after launch.

Several leading electronics firms were linked with buying the much admired OS in recent months, including Samsung, RIM, HTC and Amazon, but HP's new boss, Meg Whitman held off the sale, saying it was "important to make the right decision, not the fact decision". In the end, Samsung said it was never going to bother anyway.

Unfortunately for HP, the Pre3, the TouchPad and WebOS seems to be jinxed. The company now faces a crossroads as we head towards 2012 - should it take the hit and run or continue to invest in an OS that seems to be loved by enthusiasts, but nobody else?

Eitherway, Whitman's job could depend on it if fortunes don't improve.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 22, 2011 at 13:16

Palm started the mess when they copied iPhone pricing and exclusive-to-a-few-networks distribution. The original Pre had too many 'issues' to justify the high price, and competing against the iPhone, it didn't have enough to offer to make people switch network for a device with limited app-support, hardware issues (loose slider, etc).
Pre Plus only emphasised problems imho.
Pre 2 was a big step forward - but like Symbian ^3 it was perceived as too little, too late.
Then HP's dabbling in overcrowded, over-priced iPad rivalling, and a weird flip-flopping on Pre 3 and Veer distribution. Hello... If they had TRIED to fail, they couldn't have done a better job.
That. And I don't care much for HP, anyway :p

Shame about webOS... But hey, life goes on.

Stelph  Nov. 22, 2011 at 15:09

Agree with JanSt, it all went off the rails when they agreed to only have O2 as sole provider. No competition between network providers meant that O2 just priced it exactly the same as the iPhone where it was pummled into submission.

Such as shame since, like the Blackbery playbook OS, Meego etc, there is a lot of potential for an OS that doesnt require a huge amount of power to run well so can be put on "relatively" budget specs but still blaze along at a good lick.


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