HP set to launch two large-screened wallet-friendly smartphones?

HP set to launch two large-screened wallet-friendly smartphones?Cast your minds back to October 2012, and you might recall HP CEO Meg Whitman saying that the US manufacturer had no plans to introduce a smartphone in 2013.

Well, with just one week to go till 2014, it seems that Meg was pouring delicious truth juice. Or was she? An eleventh hour rumour tells us to brace for not one but two new HP smartphones before the year’s out. Huh?

The Information says HP has a couple of devices primed for imminent launch, though they’ll supposedly be aimed at emerging markets.

More specifically, the new HP smartphones will be targeted at India, China and the Philippines among others, with the off-contract price being somewhere between $200 and $250.

There’s not a great deal to go on when it comes to specs, though the display sizes are said to be 6 and 7in.

Back in 2011, HP made a frankly disastrous assault on the smartphone and tablet market, launching the Pre 3 and TouchPad - both running webOS, which it acquired from Palm in 2010.

More recently, HP has focused on Android and Windows-based tablets, with no less than six new beauties detailed this past September.

As for webOS, it now appears on LG smart TVs, though it could – in theory – find its way onto LG smartphones. Maybe.

via: The Verge

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