Now HP is getting sued too

Now HP is getting sued tooHP is in the middle of what we shall charitably call a challenging time in its history, what with its decision to can webOS and the seeming likelihood of it spinning off its PC business too.

So it must be just delighted to hear that it could also now be facing a lawsuit too for misleading investors by talking up its prospects in the build-up to those decisions being made.

Now our first reaction here was that this was like fans of Arsenal suing the club for saying they might win the Premier League and then failing to do so (again), but actually there's a fair bit more to it.

For starters, it's not a bunch of optimistic sports fans complaining here, but rather some hard-nosed investors who have clearly lost money on the situation.

And the gist of the complaint – a class action suit filed by Robbins Geller Rudman and Down – is that HP boss Leo Apotheker (pictured) and CFO Cathie Lesjak were painting a rosy future for webOS while clearly in the advanced stages of deciding to shut it down, which is also a fair bit different to our first analogy.

It's yet another reverberation of the genuine shock the industry is still feeling at the about-turn on webOS, which is still very well regarded throughout the mobile industry. Just a pity that doesn't pay the bills.

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amdavies  Sep. 19, 2011 at 11:01

The Arsenal analogy you're looking for is more along the lines of Arsene Wenger intimating that he'll never sell Fabregas and Nasri and then selling them a few months later.


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