HP TouchPad priced and dated for a mid-July UK launch

HP TouchPad priced and dated for a mid-July UK launchHP's webOS-toting TouchPad tablet will arrive on UK soil in mid-July, and will go head to head on price with the iPad and the leading Android tablets, the company has announced.

The base 16GB TouchPad has been priced at £399, while the 32GB edition will set you back £479. Both prices are for the Wi-Fi-only TouchPad, however, with HP still unclear on when the 3G version will be available.

The TouchPad first surfaced on the eve of Mobile World Congress back in February, and marked the first steps into tablet territory for webOS, the widely liked mobile OS HP inherited from Palm when it bought out the struggling former PDA king last year.

Early guesses had the TouchPad pegged for an April release, while others suggested June, but in the end we'll be into the second half of the year by the time the HP tablet touches down.

The TouchPad features a 9.7in screen with an iPad 2-matching VGA resolution, while a 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor runs the show on the inside. It also boasts a nifty NFC-like Touch to Share feature so you can pass stuff back and forth with your TouchPad-owning mates.

HP has lined up its debut slate to launch over in the US on July 1, with our good selves having to wait a further fortnight or so for it to land here.

Lest we forget, this is the device that HP reckons will spearhead its charge to become “better than number one” in the tablet game – or “number one plus” as HP exec Eric Cador rather enthusiastically put it recently.

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