HP TouchPad refurbs are a go-er, definitely not for UK

HP TouchPad refurbs are a go-er, definitely not for UKAs we mentioned yesterday, HP is bringing the TouchPad saga to a close this Sunday by way of a sale on its eBay site, with refurb models starting at $99 (£63).

HP exclusively told us a few months ago that the final batch - "one last run" - of TouchPads would be US-only, but we figured we’d chance our Mobo-arm and ask if international purchases were permitted from the UK. The answer made us cry into our Rice Krispies.

The reply from HP Customer Support begins: “The refurbished HP TouchPads are not currently available, and we are unable to provide any additional information about upcoming inventory at this time.”

Predictably vague, but that still confirms the existence of “the refurbished HP TouchPads”; they're "not currently available". Not that we had any reason to doubt the leaked internal memo from earlier in the week.

And what about international shipping? HP explains: “Unfortunately, we do not ship any products outside of the United States. We ship only to physical addresses within the continental United States.”

Sob. This seems like a pretty good time to contact those distant transatlantic cousins...

If you managed to grab an HP TouchPad for cheap last time, please keep it to yourself. Any boasting will result in a visit from Big D and his trusty Baseball Bat of Justice.

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