Last HP TouchPads sell out in minutes, melt eBay

Last HP TouchPads sell out in minutes, melt eBayThis could be it, man; the last time we ever write about the HP TouchPad. The Hewlett Packardians’ tablet - once touted as an iPad-puncher only to be canned after a couple of months - has now sold out. Want one? Tough. It’s over.

As planned, HP sold the last of its TouchPads (refurb 16 and 32GB units) on eBay yesterday, and – predictably – they went like the hottest of hotcakes.

The 16GB model was sold off for the ball-punchingly low price of $99 – that’s £63 to you and me. Not that we were allowed to buy ‘em anyway. Bah. The little guy was reportedly sold out within minutes.

The 32GB HP TouchPad, meanwhile, went for the still-reasonable price of $149 (£96).

The bargain prices were made all the more attractive with the recent news that webOS will be opened up to the open source community. The webOS story might have a few chapters left yet, brothers and sisters. Maybe.

Of course, if you’re not interested in webOS, you can always install the ubiquitous Android.

Goodnight, HP TouchPad. We hardly knew ye.

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