HTC 2011 roadmap leaked in detail

HTC 2011 roadmap leaked in detailFirst HTC, now BlackBerry. It's leaky roadmap season, and RIM is the latest target for having its well-laid plans exposed to the world.

If it's BlackBerry leaks you're talking about, there's normally only one name involved – CrackBerry. And sure enough, the BB fan site has all the details of the Canadian firm's mobile plans for the year, and the handsets it's pinning its hopes on.

We've been speculating about individual devices for a while, but CrackBerry's latest haul is a whole cart-load of slides showing the big BlackBerry picture for 2011, and exactly when each new model is set to appear.

It's worth noting that these are all CDMA releases, rather than the GSM handsets we'll be seeing in the rest of the world. So, for example, the already mentioned BB Torch 2 isn't listed, while the 3G-toting Curve 9330 is the first name on the list – a handset already launched in GSM form. By all accounts we should be seeing the GSM versions of these handsets before the CDMA editions.

So leaving the 9330 aside, in the second quarter of the year there's only one name pencilled down to launch, and it's a big one – quite literally: the BlackBerry PlayBook. The first ever RIM tablet has been a long time in coming, and we're hoping the QNX operating system is worth the wait.

Move to Q3 and things start to get more interesting, as that's when we'll be seeing the Monaco – or the Storm 3 – and the Montana – the CDMA version of the Dakota, which is the Bold Touch.

Both are crucial devices for BlackBerry. The Monaco needs to succeed after the indifferent reception to the first two Storm models. Ditching the click-screen interface is certainly a good start, and a 1.2GHz processor, 3.7in touchscreen and HD video capture are making all the right noises too.

The Bold range, meanwhile, has long been a favourite for BB users, so each new version sees RIM having to tweak a successful formula in the hope that nothing breaks. The major new feature the Bold Touch brings to the table is – as its name suggests – a touchscreen, which at 2.8in across is also bigger than on previous Bolds.

Towards the end of the summer is when the Sedona is pencilled in to touch down – the CDMA version of the Apollo, the next-gen Curve we've already covered.

Lastly, there's the BlackBerry Curve Touch, or the Malibu to use its codename. Intriguingly, it ditches the basic 'Berry's QWERTY keyboard altogether for a full touch interface via a 3.25in screen. Its 5MP camera and HD video capture don't seem too bad for a bottom-of-the-range device either.

We'll no doubt hear more about all of these as the year progresses, but looks like a busy year ahead for BlackBerry. For more info, including detailed slides on most of the handsets mentioned, head over to CrackBerry.

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