HTC 7 Pro and Gratia primed for UK launch

HTC 7 Pro and Gratia primed for UK launchWe haven't heard a whole lot from HTC lately, so we're quite pleased to see news that Taiwan's favourite phone maker has just lined up two new models to make their way to UK shores next month.

Neither the HTC 7 Pro nor the HTC Gratia are new to us, having surfaced towards the end of last year. The HTC 7 Pro in particular has kept us waiting, having initially been primed for a Christmas release.

Still, a few weeks late isn't the end of the world, and the Pro remains an enticing prospect for anyone considering jumping on the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon.

It's designed to be a bit of an all-rounder: on the one hand you've got a full side-sliding QWERTY keyboard and a bunch of business-focused productivity tools preloaded, while you also have a 1GHz processor, Dolby and SRS audio smarts and a decent-quality 3.6in screen for all your multimedia needs.

Moving on to the HTC Gratia, it's another return to familiar Android territory for HTC here, more specifically Android 2.2. It's a far more modest affair than a lot of HTC's efforts we've seen recently, with just a 3.2in screen, 5-megapixel camera and HTC's well-regarded Sense interface running on top of Android.

Prices? HTC isn't telling us for now, and isn't narrowing down the launch dates to anything more specific than next month some time, either. We do know, however, that both handsets will only be available SIM-free at first, though we expect the networks will come to the party before too long.

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4810510  Jan. 20, 2011 at 18:37

Can't see from the picture but I wonder if this has a TAB key. I've got the HTC Touch Pro2 and not having a tab key is a real pain.


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