HTC 8XT Windows Phone announced, so far only for the US

HTC 8XT Windows Phone announced, so far only for the USWe were speculating the other day about HTC's Windows Phone plans, and now we have a real handset to talk about.

Sadly it's not the Windows Phone-ised version of the HTC One but a variation on the current HTC WP line-up called the HTC 8XT, and so far it's only been confirmed for the US.

And note the use of the word “variation” rather than something like “improvement”, as in fact most of the differences between the existing 8X and the 8XT represent a downward step on the spec front.

The display, for instance, is the same size at 4.3in, but resolution-wise you get just 800 x 480, while the dual-core processor drops a touch in speed terms from 1.5GHz to 1.4GHz, though it is a newer-generation Snapdragon 400 unit.

The camera round the back remains at 8MP, but up front there's a drop from 2.1MP to 1.6MP, though that's no great disaster in truth, while on-board storage is limited to 8GB.

On the plus side you get HTC's BoomSound stereo speakers on top of the standard Beats Audio, giving the new arrival a clear upper hand when it comes to audio over the older 8X and 8S.

At present the HTC 8XT has only been announced for the Sprint network in the US, where it'll come with 4G LTE connectivity. We'll fill you in if/when it's confirmed for UK shores.

Via Pocket-lint

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