HTC announces 19 August event: is the HTC One (W8) imminent?

HTC announces 19 August event: is the HTC One (W8) imminent?HTC has sent out invites to its next big launch event, summoning the US mobile press to an event in New York City on 19 August.

The wording of the invite doesn't give anything away, but top of the list of likely candidates are the HTC One W8 flagship Windows Phone and the rumoured Nexus 8 tablet.

For our money, the arrival of the former is by far the more likely scenario. We've been waiting for HTC's next Windows Phone for what seems like forever, fuelled in part by positive noises made every so often by HTC itself.

Recently, though, @evleaks claimed HTC was finally closing in on turning rumour into reality, and was poised to introduce a Windows Phone 8.1 version of the HTC One M8, to be called the “HTC One W8 with Windows Phone”.

The One (W8) is said to take its design cues from the HTC One (M8), which means a high-quality metal chassis – a far cry from the plastic of the HTC 8S and 8X of a couple of years ago.

Should the rest of the M8's impressive specs be translated across, we could be looking at the most impressive Windows Phone to date, especially if it comes with the latest Cortana-accompanied Windows Phone 8.1 as expected.

As for the possibility of a Nexus 8 tablet, those rumours are mainly based on chatter that HTC was making a reboot of the popular small-format tablet for release around Google I/O a month or so back.

In truth, though, HTC probably wouldn't host a Nexus launch event entirely on its own, and you'd imagine there'd be some trace of Google or Android somewhere in the invite.

Plus there's no denying there's something very Windows Phone-ish about the font and how the text (including the numbers in the background) are presented. Plus the whole invite has a near-identical aspect ratio to a typical smartphone display.

The third potential candidate for a New York unveiling in a few weeks' time is the HTC One Wear wearable, the company's first smartwatch that's been tipped for an autumn release.

It's entirely possible the One Wear could arrive alongside the One W8, but we'd be surprised if it was topping the bill all on its own.

Via GSMArena

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 31, 2014 at 09:52

A W8 could be interesting.
Nokia's Pureview Tech thingy can produce unbelievable photos, but even on WP8.1/CYAN there's still funkilling lag between hitting the shutter and the shutter shuttering...

A W8 with a camera as fast and decent as that on the M8 might just slip onto my shopping list.


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