HTC guy: Apple’s iPhone is ‘terribly boring’

HTC guy: Apple’s iPhone is ‘terribly boring’There’s been no shortage of good news for Apple of late, but here comes ailing Taiwanese manufacturer HTC to throw a slug on the cake.

HTC's outspoken Senior Global Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon, congratulates Apple, but in the same breath describes the iPhone as a “terribly boring” choice. Ouch.

“Congrats to Apple on an amazing quarter,” tweets Jeff. “It's not that I dislike Apple--in fact I use a MacBook Air--but that I find iPhone terribly boring.”

He follows up: “iPhone is a boring, easy choice. I want a phone that's more unique, more personal, more stunning when I take it out of my pocket.” You mean like an HTC One M8?

To be fair to Jeff, the HTC One M7 and One M8 are widely hailed as two of the sexiest phones of recent years, and we know what he means when he suggests the iPhone is everywhere. If everyone drove the same car, even if that car was great, it’d be a little dull.

Personally, I'm looking to get shot of my iPhone 5 (good lord, the battery life), and an iPhone 6 seems like such an obvious - or "boring" - choice. I'm tempted to go with something different, like a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, just because.

But, on the flip side of the coin, the HTC One M8 would seem “boring” and “easy”, too, if it had just shifted 75 million units in a single quarter. Are we supposed to heap praise on the One M8 simply because far fewer people are buying it?

What do you think? Is the “boring” iPhone a victim of its own success? Or maybe you couldn’t care less what phone everyone else has. Feel free to sound off below.

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JoolsG4  Feb. 1, 2015 at 10:16

What Jeff calls "boring" is the same thing many people would call "familiar".

What he's forgetting is that most people don't work for cutting edge mobile phone technology companies where constantly dreaming up new features is essential to their business.

Now that smartphones are ubiquitous most people who buy them aren't techno-geeks and don't even use half the features the phone offers. They don't want or need the latest and greatest features - they just want the few features they do use to work well, and in a way they're accustomed to.

Non-geeks have no interest in re-learning how to use their phone on every upgrade, so they stay with what they're used to - even if that is considered "boring" by the techno-geeks and managers of technology companies.

Resisting change is human nature. Look how many people complained when iOS had a visual refresh in iOS7 - even though for the most part, functionality and where things were remained the same, they complained just because it 'looked different'.

And look how well have the masses have accepted the major user interface changes introduced in Windows 8. The vast majority of non-techy users are completely lost in it and had no desire to re-learn how to use an operating system they have to use every day.

Most people stick with what they're used to because it works for them, and the latest and greatest feature-bloat is not important to them. That's what people fail to understand about Apple's relatively slow iOS evolution and adoption of the latest and greatest technologies. They roll things out slowly and wait until technologies are mature (and simple) enough not to alienate the millions of customers they already have.

With 34000 iPhones sold every hour over the past 3 months, it seems to be working for them...

TJ Skywasher  Feb. 1, 2015 at 14:47

Clearly people are bored with HTC otherwise they'd be selling tons more phones.


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