HTC and Bose to shrink speakers for next-gen BoomSound

HTC and Bose to shrink speakers for next-gen BoomSoundHTC’s partnership with Beats Audio was nothing short of a fiasco, so you’d be forgiven for being sceptical about the Taiwanese manufacturer’s latest audio endeavour.

To be fair, HTC and Bose are working with a very specific goal in mind. In particular, they’re out to shrink those big beefy BoomSound speakers – or so the story goes.

At present, the HTC One M8 is arguably the best smartphone out there for blasting music through the internal speakers, with a dedicated amplifier and front stereo sound.

The glaring downside, however, is the HTC One M8’s height. At 146.4mm, the One M8 is actually taller – just – than the 146.3mm LG G3, though the latter has a significantly larger display (5.5in vs. 5in).

Shrinking the size of the speakers would allow HTC to deliver either a smaller phone with the same display size, or something the same size but with a larger display.

For the record, the news comes from @tktechnews, with the full tweet reading: “Bose to work with HTC on next One Device says htc source. Making bezels smaller possibly to cram in a bigger display”.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 9, 2014 at 17:14

... I don't know, maaaaaaan.
I don't think the partnership with Beats was HTC's downfall. It just added more joke material.
A pile of samey, bloated and occasionally underpowered phones... there. Boom.


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