HTC boss Chou not going anywhere

HTC boss Chou not going anywhereHTC boss Peter Chou has vowed to stick it out at the helm of the struggling smartphone firm, effectively confirming that the company views the new HTC One flagship as a success.

Chou had said earlier this year that he would step down if the One didn't help improve HTC's struggling fortunes, which at the time had seen a sixth straight drop in quarterly profits.

But despite the difficulties in getting the HTC One out the door, things now seem to be on an upward curve once again.

And it's reflected in Chou's bullish statement to the Wall Street Journal: “I'm not going to find another job.”

It was the same WSJ that originally reported Chou's bold move of staking his own future on the success of the One. Yet Chou now claims he was misquoted.

“There are a lot of rumors that say I would quit, but I never said that.”

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, the point is he's sticking around. But that doesn't mean HTC is out of the woods, and it needs far more than a single successful device to regain the heights of four years ago.

HTC's latest release is the Desire 200, a device at the complete opposite end of the market to the flagship One, though probably just as important to its longer term success.

We should get our first indication of whether HTC has broken its downward quarterly cycle in a few weeks time, though the full figures themselves will only be announced in August.

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