HTC boss promises new Windows Phone handsets

HTC boss promises new Windows Phone handsetsIt's a couple of weeks ago now that we caught wind of the HTC Prime and Ignite, two new handsets supposedly being lined up with Windows Phone 7 on board.

And just in case you thought that XDA China report was a fake, HTC Europe president Florian Seiche has just confirmed the Taiwanese firm is indeed working on new handsets for the Microsoft platform.

Seiche, HTC's head honcho for Europe and the Middle East, was speaking to GulfNews about the extent that Nokia's move to align itself with Windows Phone 7 would impact on Microsoft's other partners on the platform.

He was quick to rule out any lessening of HTC's commitment to Windows Phone as a side order to its Android smartphone main course, claiming that HTC had been responsible for four out of five Windows Phone handsets old last year.

“[The Microsoft-Nokia deal] does not mean that we will abandon the Windows platform. We are the first company to launch a range of Windows models last year and this year also we will be launching new models based on Windows 7 operating system.”

He didn't name the Prime and Ignite by name, but from what XDA told us a fortnight ago we can expect a pair of 800MHz devices sporting 3.7in touchscreens and 5-megapixel cameras, with the Prime coming with a four-deck QWERTY keyboard and the Ignite a touch-only interface.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 5, 2011 at 00:21

Notice the complete absence of gasps? :p
Nah...I actually believe in a year or so WP7(?) may be okay.


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