HTC bringing smartwatch to MWC 2014?

HTC bringing smartwatch to MWC 2014?The HTC One Two probably won’t be flying into Barcelona next week (mark March 25 in your diaries instead), but there might be some smartphone-based consolation in the form of the gargantuan HTC Desire 8.

We're told the Taiwanese might also come packing a smartwatch, though rumour suggests it’ll be for carrier eyes only. Screw you, Mobile World Congress (MWC) public.

It’s Bloomberg blurting forth the news of HTC’s inevitable foray into “wearable tech”, a sector that’s continually touted as the Next Big Thing, though I’ve yet to meet a single person who has – or wants – a smartwatch.

Still, the all-knowing analysts reckon smartwatch shipments will hit a whopping 373 million annually by 2020, and as such, it’s no surprise to hear that HTC is interested in grabbing a slice.

Indeed, we’re told that the ailing Taiwanese manufacturer has no less than three pieces of wearable tech in the proverbial pipeline.

For starters, heading to MWC, is an HTC smartwatch based on Qualcomm’s Toq for Android (above). It’ll be shown off behind closed doors, as it’s still at a relatively early stage in production.

Indeed, the HTC smartwatch is vaguely tipped for release “by Christmas”, giving the Taiwanese plenty of time - as much as 10 months - to iron out kinks pertaining to the display and battery life.

The second HTC smartwatch, which presumably won’t land until space year 2015AD, will take advantage of Google Now, while a third device functions as a music-playing electronic bracelet. No word on Beats Audio at this stage, haha! Ah, I crack me up.

With HTC emphatically failing to set the tablet industry ablaze, you’ll forgive us for reserving optimism here. And by the time the first HTC smartwatch touches down, we’ll almost certainly have the Apple iWatch, while the Samsung Galaxy Gear will likely – at this rate – be into its third generation.

Having said that, the HTC One was widely hailed as one of the sexiest slices of smartphone ever seen. Can the Taiwanese replicate said sexiness in the world of smartwatches? Set time machines for Christmas 2014.

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