HTC cans 12in tablet giant, blaming high costs and Windows RT

HTC cans 12in tablet giant, blaming high costs and Windows RTHTC is reportedly still working on its rumoured 7in Windows RT tablet, but has apparently scrapped plans to give it a giant 12in tablet brother.

According to Bloomberg, which first surfaced news of the devices in December, HTC now feels the big-screen slate would cost too much, and given the poor demand for Windows RT in general simply isn't worth going forward with.

That's what those mysterious “people familiar with the matter” have to say anyway, but it does make a fair bit of sense.

HTC was one of the first big names to give the whole Android tablet thing ago with the 7in Flyer (pictured) a couple of years ago, but that was in the days when £500-odd was seen to be a fair price for some small-screen tablet action.

And it's price that's the main problem with the 12-inch device too, it seems. One of Bloomberg's sources says the price of the components required would push the final RRP too high to make the device worth producing.

However, the Snapdragon-powered 7-incher is reportedly still very much on the cards, and is expected to be announced sometime around September or October.

We're not sure how any of that jibes with separate rumours that HTC is working on a 10.1in tablet running Windows 8, which is supposedly already in production.

It seems unlikely that both stories are true, and based on reputation we'll side with Bloomberg's side of things rather than taking NPD DisplaySearch's claims on face value.

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