HTC aims to be in China’s Top 2 by 2015

HTC aims to be in China’s Top 2 by 2015Things have gone from smelly to smellier this year for HTC, despite its “less is more” master plan, but the Taiwanese manufacturer has a spanking new plan, one it hopes will reverse its ailing global fortunes.

And what is said plan? HTC will look to bolster its presence across the Taiwan Strait, in sunny old China.

That’s the word straight from the horse’s gob. See, HTC’s China guy, Ray Yam, has been mouthing off to The Wall Street Journal.

Ray says: "I do believe HTC has all the elements for success... but we need to be cautious and we need to make every step right, if we make one wrong step, then it will take us a much longer time to recover."

Specifically, the plan will see HTC increase the number of “branded counters” across China, and expand the local engineering team. Indeed, Ray says HTC is effectively looking to build a new “home base” in China.

Ultimately, HTC hopes to be in the top two by 2015, however it faces tough competition from Samsung, which currently holds 25% of the Chinese smartphone market, followed by China’s own Huawei with 12.2%.

HTC, meanwhile, according to Analysys International, currently ranks ninth in China.

Not particularly exciting news for us in Blighty (not in any direct or immediate sense (pun intended)), but good luck to you, chaps.

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SpeedyG  Aug. 13, 2012 at 16:02

Quietly unimportant.


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