HTC: coming soon (WP7)

HTC: coming soon (WP7)On Friday I talked about HTC’s mammoth hardware range, and looked at the new Android goodies (four smartphones and a tablet) that it’s rumoured to be working on. That’s a total of 24, including the 19 devices currently displayed on its Products page.

But the fun doesn’t end there. A slew of new Windows Phone 7 smartphones have been leaked – or rumoured, at least – over the past few weeks, with no less than five now on the horizon. We had hoped to meet one or two new HTC WP7 phones at Microsoft’s VIP Mango event last week, but sadly it wasn’t to be.

Anyway, let’s check out the rumoured spectoids, shall we? There are some pretty interesting beasts in the works.

HTC: coming soon (WP7)HTC Prime and Ignite

Admittedly we haven’t heard a great deal about the HTC Prime and Ignite since they leaked back in March, but the consensus seems to be that they’re still in the pipeline.

The remainder of HTC’s Windows Phone 7 wares (revealed more recently) includes some rather ludicrous specs, so there’s definitely still room for the Prime and Ignite at the lower end of the smartphone spectrum.

The HTC Prime and Ignite sound like much the same phone, based on the specs. Both will feature a modest 800MHz of processing juice, with 3.7in displays and 5MP cameras (5MP, of course, being the minimum for WP7 devices).

The key difference is that the HTC Prime boasts a slide-out four-row QWERTY keyboard. Sound familiar? Well, it’s not too far removed from the HTC 7 Pro.

HTC: coming soon (WP7)HTC Bressson

Henri Cartier-Bresson was a renowned French photographer, hailed by many as the father of modern photojournalism. It stands to reason then that the HTC Bresson should boast some fairly lofty specs in the camera department.

Indeed, the HTC Bresson is thought to feature no less than 16 megapixels. Otherwise, not a great deal is known about the HTC Bresson, but it’s not expected till later in the year, so there’s a good chance it’ll rock Mango. Yup.

HTC Omega and Eternity

Mobile rumours are a funny old thing. Pop “HTC Omega and Eternity” into google and there’s no shortage of stories, yet they all credit WMPoweruser which in turn credits an “anonymous tipster”. Essentially one guy – who could be talking nonsense – is responsible for scores of news stories.

To be fair to WMPoweruser, it does stress that the devices are only rumoured at this stage. And what of those rumoured specs?

First up, the HTC Omega has a 3.8in screen, 8MP camera and 1.5GHz processor. The HTC Eternity is also said to feature an 8MP camera and 1.5GHz processor, but the real eye-catcher is its monstrous screen, which the anonymous tipster claims is 4.7in. Holy crap. That’s, uhm, pretty big. Both are expected to rock Mango.

So there you have it. 19 current + 5 new Android + 5 new WP7 = 29. That’s a whole lot of HTC. Talk about covering all bases.

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