Is HTC cooking up an online app store for games?

Is HTC cooking up an online app store for games?There's no doubt that HTC is a mobile player with some serious ambition – as if being the leading exponent of both Android and Windows Phone 7 isn't success enough already.

Now the Taiwanese firm is getting busy on the app front too, with a new trademark application suggesting HTC may be looking at setting up its own online market for downloading games.

HTC has applied to trademark the term HTC Play, and the associated description suggests it could well be thinking about setting up an online games download portal for the multitude of HTC handsets now out there.

According to the USPTO – the US' trademark office – HTC is looking to protect against rival services on “computers, mobile phones, tablets and mobile devices”.

In more detail, HTC's application aims to cover both hardware and services used for (deep breath) “downloading, uploading, purchasing, programming, transmitting, receiving, editing, extracting, encoding, decoding, using, viewing, accessing, searching for, sharing, storing and organizing computer and video games and content related thereto”.

With HTC having already trademarked HTC Read, HTC Listen and HTC Watch, it looks like HTC Play is next in line as the company looks to cocoon its smartphone users in own-brand services.

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Stelph  May. 31, 2011 at 10:34

Although it is slightly annoying that there are quickly becoming several places for you to go to get apps, anything that helps you pick out the quality apps from the large amount of dross is a positive in my book


I am slightly concerned in the way that the gaming apps are being supported provided, especially with games becoming Tegra or Quadcomm specific (i.e. will only run on those chips), like the games on the Nvidea Zone, this is a real concern as it encourages even more fragmentation. I am all for ensuring games run better on a specific hardware platform (similar to with desktops and made for nvidea) but I would hope that developers would also try and make sure the games will also run on other hardware


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