HTC gets into customisation with Double Dip case option for the HTC One

HTC gets into customisation with Double Dip case option for the HTC OneThe Moto Maker customisation tool is apparently the best thing about the Motorola Moto X – I say apparently, since Moto hasn't bothered making it available to anyone outside the US.

And it seems other smartphone makers think it's a good idea too: HTC has just announced a Custom Double Dip case option that lets you deck out the HTC One in a personalised colour scheme.

It's not nearly as extensive as the customisation options offered by Moto Maker, though: you get to personalise the colours of the top, middle and bottom sections of the case from a choice of glacier grey, neon lemon, Atlantis, bright peace, navy blaze and pastel blue.

Those would be the six colours you see in the image above (incidentally, someone should let the world's salmon know that from now on they'll be known as “bright peaces”).

That's a far cry from the 18 colours afforded by Moto Maker for the cover itself (which include some far more interesting options in the first place), plus the seven colours you can choose from for the minor touches like the camera ring.

Then again, Moto Maker is only available in the US and at least HTC's Custom Double Dip cases can be had... no, wait, they too are US only I'm afraid. For those Stateside your HTC Double Dip case will set you back $30.

Sadly, this side of the Atlantic your only option for Double Dip remains 30p down at the local sweet shop.

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matt101101 / MOD  Feb. 14, 2014 at 12:39

~£18 (excluding VAT) for a plastic case!? You can get something which will do the job just as well and isn't of noticeably inferior quality for 99p (including VAT) delivered off eBay. Yes, you can't "customise" it, but does customisation really justify an 18+ fold price increase?


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