HTC Desire 8 leaked with gigantic 5.5in display

HTC Desire 8 leaked with gigantic 5.5in displayThere’s been no shortage of focus on the HTC One Two of late, but spare a thought for the handsets further down the ladder. It’s not all about super-expensive flagships, y’know.

Meet the HTC Desire 8. No, it’s not the eighth HTC Desire (there have been around 20,034,124 in total), but it does have a massive 5.5in display, making it – if I’m not mistaken – the biggest HTC smartphone to date other than the HTC One Max.

Credit here goes to Engadget, which credits both MyDrivers for the information, and “a reliable tipster” for the HTC Desire 8 image.

We’re told to expect, again, a 5.5in display, though there’s no mention of resolution at this stage. The HTC Desire 8 being a mid-ranger, presumably, we’ll stick a week’s salary (£25k) on 720p.

Other HTC Desire 8 specs supposedly include a 13MP rear camera (of the non-UltraPixel variety) and 5MP front shooter for sexy-time video calls, while that body looks decidedly plastic.

Supposedly the home screen says March 18, which could very well be the HTC Desire 8 launch date.

Of course, there’s a little something called Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 going down in less than two weeks. There’s every chance we’ll meet the HTC Desire 8 there.

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universe1992  Feb. 12, 2014 at 19:46

The screens seem to getting bigger all time, what next 7 or 8inch the norm sized smartphone ?? The Sony xperia z1 compact has the right idea.


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