HTC Desire 820: first 64-bit Android phone headed to IFA 2014 next week?

HTC Desire 820: first 64-bit Android phone headed to IFA 2014 next week?HTC has already laid claim to “world’s first Android phone” (HTC Dream), “world’s first f/2.0 aperture on a smartphone” (HTC One X), and “world’s first 1080p phone” (HTC J Butterfly).

Now the Taiwanese manufacturer looks set to add a further trophy to the burgeoning “world’s first” cabinet, with the first 64-bit Android phone.

That’s the story over on HTC’s Weibo account (essentially the Chinese twitter), and while our Mandarin’s a little rusty, GSMArena is reasonably confident about the message being conveyed here.

In a nutshell: HTC Desire 820, first-ever 64-bit Android phone, more info on September 4 (which almost certainly means IFA 2014).

Since HTC promises an octo-core 64-bit processor in particular, the HTC Desire 820 will almost certainly rock the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615.

Amusingly, Qualcomm admits that its octo-core hand was forced by Chinese consumers, who want more and more cores "whether or not they make a big difference."

Speaking in February this year, Qualcomm’s marketing VP Tim McDonough explained: "They say the number of CPUs is important to them, which means it's important to our OEMs, which means it's important to us.”

Despite the multitude of cores and bits, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 – and in turn the HTC Desire 820 – is very much mid-range, so don’t go expecting a spanking new HTC flagship, y’hear?

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